Thursday, April 28, 2011

UFO's ... What Are Your Beliefs? Part One

SOOOooooo...what is YOUR take on all of this UFO business?? Do you 'believe?'... and if you don't.... then why not???
I don't come across many people who "don't believe" ...,but water usually finds its own level. Most of the people in my life are eclectic and not afraid to delve into the unknown.
Some people are afraid to admit that they 'believe,' hesitating to be open with their beliefs for fear of what 'others' might think of them. That has always been the least of my own concerns...although you have to know 'when to (verybally) hold 'em and when to fold 'em.' Nerd Arguments and confrontations never work; and besides, some are: 'speaking for God' ... So, it's best just to Let It Be.
I have had at least four 'fairly' Close Encounters with UFO's... If I tell a person my 'stories'...I can sense immediately if he or she believes me by their reaction. If the person drops to the floor and starts rolling with laughter, chances are he is not a 'believer.' If I get an eye roll, a stiffened face, (lot of body language involved) a smirk, a sudden glance in the opposite direction with a sarcastic laugh, etc etc etc ... I immediately sense I must be prepared to be properly (or improperly) put down, or treated like I am on a day pass from Ft. Logan. (for those of you not from Denver, this is a mental instiution...)
But it's all OK. You see, it HAS to be. No more than one can 'save the 'planet' ...neither can one make a 'believer' out of those who refuse to accept that their reality does not end with the skin that covers their body, or whatever their Five Senses can perceive. And, it is their right. So, why should you waste your time trying to 'prove' anything? They are not obligated to believe you.
A much harder thing, for me, myself and I to 'let go of' is the person who takes a deep breath, looks off to the side, and then with a insidious glare, looks at you and says, "I think we have ENOUGH to worry about right here on Earth without worrying about little green men from Mars." They are SO pragmatic ya just want to slap 'em. Lips Are Sealed Of course, that doesn't help your viewpoint to be accepted, either... Anyway...its time to quit wasting time talking about 'them.' That ever elusive 'they.'
We, as a human society, are subtly and subliminally trained not to believe. If 'we' did believe...that would pretty much be the end of organized religion in the Western World as we know it... because it serves as a handy dandy tool for government cover-ups and mind-control. Not to worry. Its not my intention to get anyone to swallow what is called 'conspiracy theories' ... a good definition for that being: any ideas that one absolutely refuses to believe because it causes an immediate 'loss of one's own power' reaction. This happens to ALL of us when we have a fear or anger reaction. The 'parent' of anger is Fear.
So...ARE their inhabitants on other planets? Sure! Why shouldn't there be? What are they like? Who knows. Some claim they know. Do they 'walk amongst us?' I believe they do.
How would you describe what 'we' are like? As with any subject that has the potential for being controversial -- there are two sides to each story. Sometimes more than two. As Quantum Physics is the observer that affects his own outcome/reality. For people who do not either understand--or refuse to understand the theory of Quantum Physics --here is its Opposite. It's opposite means: I refuse to believe that unless my five senses can perceive or 'prove' it...the rest is just poppycock. I need scientific proof.
Trouble is, most people's idea of scientific proof is sadly outdated, outmoded, and knowingly or unknowingly kept from ever expanding and growing.
There are multi-millions of people who 'believe' in extraterrestrial life (on every continent!) I would venture to say they are in the majority... however, their willingness to admit it to others (or themselves) varies a great deal.
Many adherents of the more 'modern' Western religions seem to have found a comfortable blending of 'religion and science' and they are not condemned for thinking out of the dogma box.
Most Eastern religions have simply never made a problem of extraterrestrial life. To them, it simply is something that "IS" in the Now...
Many do ask: why ...WHY would the government do a 'cover up'... Some ask this rather defiantly while others may simply wonder. For one thing, if this question comes laden down with defiance and a ready-to-argue attitude, it means one's chosen belief system is one that reflects he 'believes' the news, the media, and 'all that we are told' is gospel 'Truth'. They, (in America) would far prefer to blame either the Democrats, the Republicans, or the Tea Party for all the materialized or potential problems we are/ will be having. But still think of the government as just fine and dandy. They are -- as David Icke calls them: sheeple.
Yes, I believe we have been 'visited' --probably since the beginning of our own personally recorded history (and before). Who actually sees, witnesses, or participates with ET or UFO scenarios are most generally 'believers.' This of course, invites the non-believers to say 'it's all in their imaginations.' (Ever read what Einstein has to say about Imagination?) However, there are those who are called "experiencers" who prior to--never, ever 'believed!!'
We are Energy. Everything is Energy. In Easter religions, what seems REAL may be referred to as "Illusion"... One could also use the term Vibration...or Frequency.
TV shows and movies can either do a good job of 'laying the groundwork for acceptance'...Or, quite the opposite and attempt to convince the enraptured audiences that evil 'monsters from Outer Space' are here to kill us and take over our planet. Well, how about this: Why can't their be both? What can't our thoughts of 'what is out there' extend to the same exact way we HUMANS act, react, and behave.
Do the ETs travel for a ka-zillion miles across the galaxies to get here ... or might we consider a concept that has far more to do with Energy and Vibration? (or Illusion) We live in a vibrational universe. Yes, "science" proves this. Nerd
Next time I'll share my thoughts with you on UFOs, ETx, and the Vibrational Universe....
In the meantime: Live Long and Prosper!