Friday, May 15, 2009

Those Dark Nights of the Soul...we all have them...yes!! We do!

We've ALL been there. Every one of us. Weve all had those times when it seems like even our most solid, reliable beliefs just aren't 'there for us.' We may start doubting ourselves and feel very mistrusting of the reasoning, answers, or beliefs we felt secure with in the past. Everywhere we look, hope seems to be gone. In states of Darkness (we may call it depression) we even convince ourselves that the twisted way we are viewing things right now is really the 'truth.'
The Pleiadians often remind us the only time anything 'new and improved' can find a way of penetrating our minds is during those dark times when we had no idea what to think or believe! Reading that, you might be willing to consider that what they say really makes sense!
Poetically, those rough times are often called "the dark night of the soul." Seth referred to them as "the winter of the spirit." When I started realizing -- and then accepting -- that the dark times would subside -- the length of those dark times started lessening dramatically. Those dark times are real. They are valid. We should not label ourselves as 'bad or wrong' or think "I am the only one who 'loses it' all this badly"...because I guarantee you, your name is Legion.
The Dark Nights of the Soul will have their due recognition. Refusing to recognize those Dark Nights as being as valid as the Light, stuffing away or denying the feelings, thoughts, or emotions that accompany them...will result in them manifesting in other ways: illness, accidents, unpleasant events, arguments, etc... What works best for me is simply reminding myself that, this, too, will pass. What one experiences during those ultra depressed, black times is not who you 'really are' ... but it FEELS like it when we are flooded and seemingly overwhelmed by really awful emotions. Our 'bad emotions' are serving us by trying to get our attention, letting us know when we have managed to DO, SAY, Or THINK something long enough so that it produced the vibrations within us that caused The Lights To Go Out...and experience those Dark Nights.
Sometimes these bouts of what we may call 'depression' may last for a number of days. During that time it may seem like they will never end...but they WILL end and they DO end... The more we accept that, the easier they will slip away. It is usually the refusing to face what our Higher Self, Spirit, etc wants us to look at that results in a condition that becomes to chronic that medication, legal or otherwise, becomes 'the answer'... I'm not saying it's "wrong"... only that we as our Higher Selves will always keep presenting the same 'unfaced whatevers' until we deal with them. Sometimes the biggest 'problem' is being unwilling to "forgive oneself" for buying into the fear and guilt conditioning that religion has psychically managed to damage us with.
I honestly believe that 'fear of failure' or of 'not being good enough'...which, in our minds, may culminate in some kind of 'hell or judgment' is way at the top of the list when it comes to what triggers those Dark Nights of the Soul.. The book, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz does a wonderful job of showing us how we acquired 'the inner judge' and how it is responsible for keeping away Joy and Peace of Mind...and just plain fun!
I've used this Seth quote many times, and will probably continue to do so: "You all take life too seriously!"... which flies in the face of nearly everything we have been taught! But, listening to Seth's admonition can be so freeing. During those Dark Nights, it helps me to remind myself NOT to take any of my currently twisted and distorted thoughts or painful emotions too seriously! People who are the happiest ARE the happiest because they WANT to be. This may require, as the P's have chided, us to start acting like self-empowered individuals: "You people can be so lazy and totally unwilling to DO something to bring about change... instead too often you tend to wallow in your self pity, blaming everyone and everything else. Claim, take back your self-empowerment."
Step One to Freedom is enacted through __desire, intention, and true wanting__ That is a necessary precedent to any action journey, or it will only result in a temporary fix. Other wise its like "trying to pick up a pencil...don't pick it up!--only try to!" I believe it's possible that those Dark Nights may come about because our Higher Selves know we need to slow down, realign, readjust, and turn in a different direction. And--if we've gotten of the path...OK!! So what? We will always create things in a way that will help us to expand our consciousness, including the Dark Nights. We really have to get over this 'right and wrong' thing and the 'blame ourselves for everything' bit. We are here creating and experiencing.

Life is not about 'getting it all right so everything is perfect all of the time' ... Abe would say, that would be true Death. We tend to forget we HAVE free will!...and whine "I just don't know what to do" ... Just because something doesn't work out they way we want it to and those 'others' don't act like they are here to be under our control Nerd ...doesn't mean we don't have a world full of options and probabilities and possibilities that can make us Feel Really Good.
Eventually we will all realize that the Darker the Night, the Brighter the Dawn. And even science (woo woo) can confirm that its always the darkest right before the Dawn. There will always be another Morning... so...Let's believe in those Good Mornings! Sun 2