Thursday, March 24, 2011


One of the funniest posters I've seen was that of a Persian cat -- the caption said: "Everybody Has A Right To My Opinion."
We all know people (never US, of course!) whose word is 'final' and indisputable. We prefer to think of ourselves in rather liberal terms and sometimes say to others: "Everyone has a right to their own opinion" -- but to ourselves we mutter "regardless of how wrong they are...
If you've ever noticed ...when people say "You've got a right to your own opinion" their body English is a dead giveaway... Often they will cross their arms...or glance off to the side...or say this in a manner that is either sanctimonious -- or openly tinged with sarcasm... Sometimes its possible for us to emotionally step back far enough so that we see the humor in the situation that we take waaaaay too seriously.
Then there's the latest New Age comeback which, although its origins were undoubtedly well intended, can be even more self-righteous: "Oh well," resigned sigh generally follows, "I'd rather be happy than right." ...(this one usually can be loosely translated as: I'm spiritually superior to you...) Rolling Eyes ((makes you just wanna smack 'em!))
We all have to admit that sometimes its reeeeally hard to just Let It Go...and let that "God" speak! And, most of understand that it's wise to take any and all opinions, beliefs, and dogma of any kind --with a grain of salt.
If we have been raised to believe there is 'only one true way' of thinking -- regardless of the subject matter, but especially in the area of religion; we know that it's a bit of an uphill battle to abandon the attitude of: 'I've got to be right because its my sacred duty.' Added to this, albeit often unrecognized: "My validation and respect from others comes from my 'being right.' OR "If I'm 'wrong' about this or that...I will lose credibility and poof !!--there goes my self-esteem." Back to not 'being good enough.'
Some of us might remember The Fonz from "Happy Days." Good ol' Fonzie was highly allergic to the word 'wrong.' ... He would stumble and stutter over it before he could admit he was wrong. We could laugh at that... but after all, that was just a comedy! Not meant to be taken seriously!
It's hard to give in when you just KNOW you are right. You can offer proof: statistics, data, impressive examples, etc ... What about if what you KNOW is right is core, is central, to your own innermost beliefs? Isn't 'giving up' the same as admitting you were 'wrong?'
Someone once told me: "If you have to argue your point, it might possibly mean you are not sure of it yourself." Wise words. I sometimes forget them ... but! -- not always. We are all getting better at remembering. And basically, remembering is what it's all about.
We tend to forget that our opinion is just that: our opinion. No one has a corner on The Truth. And really --is there such a thing as "THE" truth. It's all just part of What Is. All part of All That Is.
If we can learn to Let It Go... and be content to apply what is 'our truth' to ourselves and do the best we can ... we are more apt to find Freedom...and with that kind of Freedom comes what we are truly seeking: Inner Peace.
Of course, that is just my opinion!