Friday, July 24, 2009

Your "Real Beliefs" --Do You Know What They Are?

Below is a list of commonly held beliefs that, unfortunately, have quite a bit of sway over how we are creating our reality... Seth said for us not to 'react' to our beliefs as if they were etched in stone ...but instead recognize them as 'ideas' we have about 'reality.'...and ideas can be changed at any time...
From Seth: "You are in physical existnece to learn and understand that your energy, translated into feelings, thouthts, and emotions cause ALL your experience. There are no exceptions." The Nature of Personal Reality: Chapter 2, Reality and Beliefs." In other words, we are playing this game of Earthly Existence to REMEMBER that we ARE creators and not hapless victims of this reality. Below is Seth's list of beliefs (same chpt as above) one might recognize:
"1. Life is a valley of sorrows.
2. The body is inferior. As a vehicle of the soul, it is automatically degraded, tinged,
3. I am helpless before circumstances that I cannot control.
4. I am helpless because my personality and character were formed in infancy, and I am at the mercy of my past.
5. I am helpless because I am at the mercy of events from past lives and other incarnations, over which I now have no control. I must be punished, or I am punishing myself for unkindnesses done to others in past lives. I must accept the negative aspects of my life becauseof my karma.
6. People are basically bad and out to get me.
7. I have the truth and no one else does...or 'my group' has the truth and no other group has the truth.
8. I will grow frailer, weaker, and lose my powers as I grow old.
9. I am sickly and always have been.
10. There is something wrong with money. People who have money are less spiritual than those who are poor. Rich people are unhappier or snobs.
11. I am not creative. I have no imagination.
12. I can never do what I want to do.
13. People dislike me.
14. I always have bad luck.
These are beliefs held by many people. People who have them will meet them in experience. Physical data will always 'seem' to reinforce the beliefs, therefore...BUT THE BELIEFS FORMED THE REALITY.....Within you is the ability to change your ideas about reality and yourself; to create a personal living experience that is fulfilling to yourself and others."
To change your beliefs requires owning up to them ...We can 'profess anything'...but those may only 'sound good' to us...and are not what we really believe. Then ....refer to the article above! :) Choose what you want to believe ...about life itself... (don't just make a 'wish list') and start thinking about it, repeating positive thoughts to yourself, and BELIEVE it can be done! We all know the Song and Dance. We know the words...we know the steps...We just have to get on this stage of life and DO IT~! :)
Namaste" to all of you!