Saturday, July 25, 2009

This New Energy...What It Is Doing To...and For...Us

Some of you will know exactly what I am talking about. Some of you might not. That's OK... There is no right or wrong here...only our own experiences in our moments in time.

There definately IS a "New Energy" saturating the planet and it has arrived in full force... It is far above the clouds of our past experiences in this particular lifetime. It is strong. It is discerning and disturbing. It is polarizing. It is also strenghtening and uplifting... if we allow it to be and don't fight against it.

The New Energy is, I believe, waiting to strenthen and heal us if we don't keep grasping for What Was or What Use To Be...and stop yearning to return to the old comforts, escapes, and refuges we built for ourselves in the long ago--or perhaps even the very recent past. Nothing is the same any more. Very often we feel lost, confused, abandoned, and yes, even, at times, very afraid.
I don't mean to paint a dreary picture and make anyone feel even more hopeless! :) But often, as the old saying goes, misery loves company and we can take a small amount of comfort in knowing we are certainly not alone in this stage of our never-ending journey.

We simply do not have the luxury of being LAZY anymore. The way I am beginning to see it is a two-parter. Part One consists of doing the 'mental work.' Being mindful of our thoughts...because it's our thoughts that are doing the creating. Thoughts are not just nebulous little translucent blobs bouncing around in our minds... they are powerful tools, waiting for focus and attention to give them life - creative power. Focus and attention provide the fuel for the thoughts we 'choose'. We are playing with painful fire by concocting negative scenarios or dredging up old painful memories -- dragging up the past over and over and over again... That will do nothing but assure us our future will contain exactly the same misery and challenges. Seth (and now even good ol' science) tells us that all thoughts have electro-magnetic properties... Focusing on singled-out thoughts 'charges' them into activation-- and they start attracting whatever 'matches' it in the realm of feelings, physicality, or material manifestations. BELIEFS are nothing more than thoughts/ideas that we have wholeheartedly accepted as being 'true.' As a famous master once said: "It is done unto you according to your beliefs"....What YOU really honestly believe... (not some printed dogma or set of rules and regulations) is, by Universal Law, attracted into your life. A big problem is not even recognizing some of our negative beliefs.. Not recognizing them, however, does not prevent them from operating on a subconscious level and they will still materialize into our lives. I know some people who have NO idea what they believe... That is a bit like playing Russian Roulette...

Part Two is Learning To Let Go. I know I have spoken those words a kazillion times. But each time I myself 'see it' a little more clearly. We ALL are developing clearer seeing. The New Energy has no tolerance for Control Freaks. A control freak will tell you he is not as interested in controlling what others do...but sadly, he is caught up in the belief that things absolutely HAVE TO be a certain way or he will never have peace, happiness, fulfillment, or a sense of accomplishment. This, of course, predisposes him to thinking that other people or circumstances have to be 'just so.' In that sense...we (gasp!) can all be control freaks, and OH BOY do we have to let that go...and trust...Simply TRUST (simply??) that everything is in Divine Order, allowing everybody else to do and think as they please, and just tend to our own lives -- which canNOT be dependant upon what anyone else thinks, says, or does. Actually, it is simple. But we usually complicate it and make it seem very difficult-- by refusing to Let Go of our old worn out, negative, non-serving beliefs. Right now our scared egos are scared like they have never been scared before...not realizing they, too, can evolve into divine intuition and higher dimensional helpfulness.

I listened to a guest on Coast to Coast last night...Dr. Les Carter, a psychotherapist who has practiced in both the US and Europe, well known for his work with anger and depression. The thing that struck me the most, of all the different aspects of psychotherapy he spoke of, was when he said: "There is absolutely nothing I can do for anyone who is committed to depression."
I guess I'd never thought of it that way ... choosing what one will be 'committed' to. We don't like to think of ourselves as being devoted to things that are making our lives miserable... but that is, in fact, what we could be unconsciously (OR consciously) doing. It reminded me of a line from the movie: "Moscow on the Hudson" in which the character, played by Robin Williams, refused to change his old thinking: "I love my misery. It is so familiar to me. It is part of me. I know every inch of it. It is mine. All mine. I do not want to lose it." Talking about Not Letting Go!!... He dwelled in his sweet little, comfortable emotional house of self-pity. He may have relocated...but he never left 'the old country.

Our own answers are all inside of us...we just have to be willing to look for them there...inside... and stop depending upon externals to change in order for us to find peace and joy. I think I will continue to ask myself this question periodically. Hopefully it will help me to do a 'mind check' and watch where I'm heading: "To What Are You Committed."
You might find the following article below (very short!) interesting... It is taken from Seth's "The Nature of Personal Reality" and helps us to recognize some of the very commonly held beliefs that may be keeping us from expanding our consciousness into a Higher Dimensional Seeing ... and THAT is what we came to Earth for...We chose to. And NOW!-- to get on with The Show! :)