Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rich man, Poor Man ... and the subject of money

We are all familiar with phrases like: "Be satisfied with what you've got." "Don't ask for more than what you need." "Don't set your goals too high or you will most likely be disappointed."

Plus, most of us heard tales about the Evils of Money...mainly how it doesn't make you happy. Religion doesn't contribute to a clear perception of abundance of any kind. Take the Bible... depending upon how it is interpreted (and no book in the entire Universe is more subjected to personal interpretation)... the interpreters are always wanting to prove some kind of a 'point.' "It's easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven." The 'eye of the needle' was actually referring to a small gate in the city wall that camels COULD pass through if not overly burdened with access luggage. Most scholars agree this analogy refers to people who are so burdened with the access weight of the world and accumulating more...investing their 'soul interest' on the Outside rather than the Inner world. Unfortunately, this analogy has been used as a threat, making people afraid of money for fear of losing their souls to hell.

Heaven is 'within' -- not a state to be 'achieved' post death. If one 'worships' money above all else and aligns his self-worth exclusively with one's bank account is indeed walking a very precarious tightrope.

The absolutely WORST of all the statements ever devised by humans is: "God really loves poor people...that is why he made so many of them."...

On the other side of the coin, New Agers would like for you to believe that if you are 'aligned with Source'...all wealth will be yours.... It sells A LOT of books, DVDs, and and big ticket prices to which admits you to those "how-to" workshops.

To some extent, BOTH sides are full of baloney....and both can cause one to think less of oneself, causing damage to the psyche / image of self... that can be hard to overcome. In other ways, both sides have valid points, depending upon how you 'see' or interpret them...

It's obvious to those who know me personally that I am not ideally aligned... Otherwise, I would be living in a downtown or Cheesman Park highrise! And maybe have a very handsome lim driver.... :) The idea that 'the rich are not really happy' and 'the poor are closer to God' ... is just plain idiotic.

I do believe, before each of our incarnations, that we drew up loose blueprints --perhaps just a 'rough draft' for what we felt we needed / wanted to experience. But I don't believe this can or should be used as an 'excuse' for not learning to take responsibility for creating one's own reality. This article is geared towards readers who have a metaphysical spirituality and understanding of life. Even those who have 'scientically caught on' that there thoughts determines what happens to them. :) Sometimes the word 'spiritual' -- not just 'religious' can be miserably misleading...

It's safe for me to say that people, new to metaphysics, who read "The Secret" took it mainly as a 'how to get rich quick' instruction book...after which I personally observed how their enthusiasm faded into total loss of interest when it 'didn't work that way.' Only one person that I know "got it"...and he was only 19 at the time. He knew it was about more than 'making a lot of money.' Really 'getting it'... requires a lot more than "follow these 6 steps." I am not implying overwhelming soul struggles are a base requirement for enlightenment...but I sincerely believe there are no short cuts, either.

I can see how I repeatedly programmed myself and reinforced things in my mind that kept me restricted to a certain abundance level most of my life. "We didn't have much money, but we had so many great times" ... "I may not have much, but I always have enough." And even though I didn't cry 'poor dog, woe is me'... over the years I reinforced enough negative self-programming to keep me stuck. I still do this to a certain extent... but I am FINALLY beginning to "see" and understand some better concepts... And I am __willing to accept them.__ I believe that last phrase is incredibly important.

It really is true, what Jesus said (I'm sure he is relieved to know that... :)... "It is done unto you according to your belief." It all is. Every single bit of it. And it's fueled by emotions and zeroed in on by our focusing. Belief (Intent) + Emotion (Desire) + Focus (on what you WANT) = Manifestation.

The biggest step is changing old, non-productive thinking patterns and really WANTING to change the old concepts and habits we have gotten into. Some of those negative concepts date way back to early childhood.... Some are very present and active problems... such as being envy, jealous, crying 'unfair'... even tbough we tend to not admit those undesirable traits. Either way, they are still going to be there unless we are willing to 'see' them...and replace them with more positive approaches. That takes w-o-r-k - ! ....and effort, and focus, and attention to what we want...rather than 'don't have.' But, I also believe that having appreciation for what we DOES have...regardless of amount ... is a key factor to our own happiness.

"I don't want any more of anything...I'm satisfied with what I have" means two different things to the rich man or the poor man. The rich man might be bored and lost interest in life... the poor man might be trying to justify his poverty by taking 'the high road spiritual approach' and unwilling to be painfully honest with himself. Hard work, long suffering, near-insane dedication are only necessary if one BELIEVES they are necessary. And no, there is no such thing as 'dumb luck' ... or 'smart luck!' :) And no God sitting 'up there' somewhere deciding to bless or punish one with abundance ...or lack of ... wealth ... health ...relationships...etc etc etc... We are fortunate, metaphysically speaking, if we have gotten ourselves to the point of realizing that the Source, god force, within us and part of us and that we DO create it all.

There are both 'nice and bad' rich and poor people. BOTH can be happy. I just think what we have to get over is the idea that one is spiritually superior to the other. We all need to ask ourselves: "What have I been telling myself all these years" that has kept _me_ stuck? OR... what are those positive beliefs that keeps a certain area of my life so great and delightful. In all cases its our beliefs, our thought processes, and the subsequent actions we follow through with.

I certainly have no ideal formula to solve anyone's money problems. I am just sharing with you my own insights as to what I know that "I" am seeing more clearly and what "I" -- not anyone else --must work on. I believe each one of knows EXACTLY what we need to do if we are just willing to see it. I hope I have not implied that 'having a lot of money' assures one of peace, tranquility, and happiness... BUT...neither does the lack of it... Only our 'attitude' determines the outcomes of those desirable states... Abundance of any kind is a HUGE, multi-faceted subject. I've tried to keep it simple. But one CAN complicate if one wants to and if it makes one feel good. :)

Abe says: "Make peace with where you are"... That does NOT mean to be content being stuck in the mud... It does mean Don't judge or blame yourself.... We really have a lazy habit of forgetting that we ARE self-empowered beings.... but forget to act like it: As the P's say: Remember. Thanks, P's. A very good idea.

(Above picture by Mary Downing Muir)