Sunday, March 25, 2012

Knowing What We are FOR is far more important than what we are Against...

"Even in your rightness about a subject, when you try to push your rightness toward another who disagrees, no matter how right you are, it causes more pushing against. In other words, it isn't until you stop pushing that any real allowing of what you want can take place." Abraham

Those very wise words from Abraham should give everyone pause to stop and think about what each of us really and truly believes...and wants... It is never enough to know what we DON'T want. In fact, only focusing on what we DO NOT want will only get us what we seek. Flower We are living in a time in which the energy is very strong ... very polarizing... A time in which the choices we make manifest in our lives at a very high rate of speed. It is critical that we practice helpful techniques to quiet the thoughts that want to continuously race and jump about, tending to keep us off balance. Flower We our governed by the Law of Attraction. It supersedes all other Universal Laws. "That which is like unto itself is drawn." I finally 'got' what was meant by: we live in an all-inclusive universe. The Universe simply does not understand the word: NO. I understood it! Why couldn't the Universe understand it?!! Flower Free will is far more extensive, expansive, and all encompassing than we realize. The Universe gives us what we FOCUS upon....not the words we verbalize. The stronger the emotion that accompanies our intent, focus,--and attention -- the stronger is our 'drawing power' from the Universe. Flower Life is filled with contrast. This prompts us to make choices about what we want and do not want. We have (and should exercise) the right to say 'no' to what we do not want.... but unless we are focused on what we DO WANT... the Universe simply 'looks at the scales' so to speak and gives us whatever 'weighs the most' in terms of our focus and attention. We can't afford to forget: everything is Energy... everything is Vibration... This Energy is constantly moving and seeking and GIVING. Seth told us many times: "You get what you focus upon. There is no other main rule." Thankfully, as a mass consciousness we opted to include a 'buffer of time' so that we don't instantaneously manifest everything at once! Can you just imagine that mess?! Nerd
One of my favorite analogys from Abe: A cook is in a well stocked kitchen with every imaginable ingredient. He wants to make a pie. He says: "I want all other ingredients removed from my kitchen except those I need to make my pie." He hears: Just take and use what you need. Cook answers: "No, the other things might get into my pie." The reply: "Just use what you need." Cook screams: "NO! They might get in my pie! I do not want them in my pie! They will get in my pie!!"... and sure enough...they did. Rolling Eyes Shakespeare would say: "Methinks thous protesteth too loudly..." Buddha said: "What you resist, persists."
At this time, particularly in the U.S., politics blended with religious views superimposed by the radical Christian Right, is dividing people, angering and upsetting them at an amazing rate (Election time coming up!!) ... it is of the utmost importance that people concentrate upon what they WANT ...not upon that which they do not want... I've noticed a number of people radically protesting about what they do not want ... but in their world, nothing will change until they can 'know within' what they DO want and FOCUS ON THAT. Even when one's cause seems just, seems right...if what we are AGAINST dominates our thinking ... nothing will change for what we perceive to better. If one observes changes as a result of 'being against' will then only be temporary. Flower
We would do well to remember that not everyone will experience the same outcome. Wishing ill and bad fortune on those we do not like needs to be avoided and kept in check. Whatever we give out comes back. Following our hearts with good positive feelings -- bolstered by peace and passion, we will be able to say: All is well...all is my world. Imagine that.