Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Thinking ... and "Outer Space".... or should I simply say: 'Outa The Box'?? :)

It's so easy, so common to 'think small.' ...as we take those small or petty thoughts and become obsessed and absorbed in them, making situations, relationships, and events grow way out of perspective -- that we tend to forget about the HOW of Letting Go, Staying in the Now, and how keep a sense of spiritual perspective. Suffering is self- addictive. A new perspective came to me while listening to Eckhart Tolle's video "Living Luminaries" in which he explains how most of our thoughts are repetitive...We do tend to be 'creatures of habit'...and if you will be mindful enough to notice, you will see that we keep thinking the same thoughts, day after day after day! We tell ourselves "I know thoughts create" ... but have we REALLY come to terms with the full impact of that truth? I know I hadn't...but watching that video certainly illumined my observation of thinking and the importance of mindfulness! Our unobserved, non-mindful, repetitve thinking causes most of our problems.

"Stop daydreaming and get to work!" is something we heard far too many times spoken by well meaning authority figures who believed they were helping us. I would love to see a class (of very young children) be told "Now, put away those books. I want you to relax, close your eyes, and daydream! Pretend that you can create anything you want." After which -- the teacher would ask them what they had imagined...what they had created. If this seems 'impractical' to you who are reading this -- it is, perhaps, because one might need to realize that we have become SO 'small' in our thinking, stifling so much of our creative abilities and Inner Power. No wonder that Einstein couldn't make it past the early elementary school years! Thank heavens for the rebels who simply HAD to think outside the box in order to exist! Thank heavens for those who truly 'reach for the stars'and are not afraid to be different and truly succeed! ... but not in the ordinary way that enables parents to place those obnoxious bumper stickers on their cars that say "My son/daughter is an honor student at Programmed Thinking High School." Show me an 'ideal student' and I'll show you a intellectualized robot.

What does this have to do with First Contact?...or a 'real' landing that will make news on CNN? A lot, I believe. If you saw the movie "What The @#$! (Bleep)"... you'll remember the native islander was unable to 'see' the gigantic ship approaching. He had no frame of reference. He could see/perceive only that which was within the scope of his daily sensory experience. After it was 'described' to him, he began to 'see' it (literally). It was both an awesome and frightening event for him. This is pretty much how we may react when it comes to thoughts of entertaining the idea of life on other planets and what we call 'aliens.' At least we have been introduced to all of those 'sci fi' ideas! For many, it is now simply a matter of what they _choose to think_ and _choose to believe_. To those who may be reacting: "Oh come on, let's get real, get practical...we have enough problems here on Earth to solve!" --may I point out that it's that type of thinking --hemmed in, boxed in, repetitive, habitual thinking with one's FOCUS on the battling against 'problems' that is keeping it all active and alive! People who believe that "doing something!" (physically) is the only answer are not cognizant of 'what you resist, persists' ... a basic Universal Law of Attraction. So many people seem to totally blow off , as unimportant, what they are thinking about when it comes to all/any of their conflicts with others...giving NO credence to the way thoughts create! Paying constant homage to 'reality' is the most mind-suffocating stance we can assume...when we believe that 'reality' is rock-solid and unchanging. All that reality is -- is what already has been created...and it is only our focus upon it that keeps it 'real'... If we keep feeding the dragons, they'll keep breathing fire at us.

To add to this (what may be confusing to some) mix... I believe none of us experience the 'same' reality... we may share similar ideas, but even those are perceived differently. Many of us have already had 'close encounters.' We have seen 'space ships' ...we have encountered 'aliens' and UFO's first hand. What we have to do is stop worrying about what OTHERS think. Allow them to choose the perpetual problems they keep re-instigating day after day by their repetitive thoughts and refusal to expand their thinking. Someday they will become 'aware' of this. It's all OK. As Gilda Radner used to say on SNL: "I'm Ok, You're Ok ...I'm my own best friend." ...and for those of us who are 'different' -- we have to remember that! What others think is their privilege. When we Think- Feel-Good-Thoughts about Contact, Landings, with all the spacious possibilities -- it LIFTS our spirits up, it expands our consciousness, and allows our Souls to breathe!... I am not inferring 'escaping Earth and its problems'...This is a wonderful place!!-- (when we choose to look at it that way!) Thinking 'larger' helps to keep things in perspective right here on Good ol' Planet Earth.
We always have a choice. Let's choose the thoughts that free us. Peeking Over Fence Let's think outside the box. It's a big Universe out there! It's easy to believe that we are experiencing what we think of as the 'same world' in the same way. But we are not! We continuously interchange (due to our frequencies and vibrations) within different dimensions on an ongoing, eternal basis. Don't ever think that 'everybody has to' have the same experience at the same in order for it to be 'true.' Think about that.