Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sometimes "Facing Reality." is NOT for the best!

I'm sure most of us have heard the admonition: "It's time you faced reality!" Or "You're better off seeing the truth!"

We heard these warnings long before we learned that 'truth is relative.' Even after we thought we understood that theory, we were already so trained to only 'believe in' what we heard and what we saw, that it made a different theory little difference. We were deeply entrenched in the idea that what we saw or heard was the 'only true reality' that existed. Those who think they can only safely presume what 'science' can prove...probably have little idea how far science has progressed... as in Quantum Physics.

To many of us...hearing the philosophy : everything is an illusion...made even less sense. We might have even said: "If that wall is only an illusion, then I should be able to walk through it!"-- assuming we had 'realistically' disproved that idea.

Even though we might have joked around about 'illusion' --many of us have had direct experiences with 'illusion' that nearly knocked our socks off. When those events happened to us... things we manipulated or performed --that 'in all truth' we should not have been able to do -- Those were times when we were NOT engaged in 'realistic' thinking. Therefore no 'belief or thought' stood in the way of preventing the actions that happened. Those times, admittedly, were very unusual. Some people might call them 'miracles'... when basically, according to all the great teachers--it was a matter of getting our monkey-minds out of the way -- and ALLOWING those things to happen.

Now back to 'daily life'...and why I claim that 'facing reality' can be such a stumbling block to what we really desire.

I know any number of people who claim this Biblical quote is true: "It is done unto you according to your belief" ... however, some do not seem to have the foggiest notion as to what that quote encompasses! They still either 'credit' or 'pawn it off to God's mysterious ways.' It's nice...nebulous, and spiritual sounding, but has nothing to do with 'reality' in our day to day lives.

By the same token, many who say Oh Yes! to The Law of Attraction, have a way of going about their everyday business, meeting challenges, overcoming obstacles ,or even enjoying themselves--forgetting that _they are_ Creating Their OWN World according to BOTH of those ideas: Belief and the Law of Attraction. Abe calls this 'default creating' ...when you are not making any conscious mind connection to what is happening in your daily lives.

It's no one's "fault" per say... it's just that we have been so ingrained with the notion that we do not have real control over our lives--so its easy to forget to be mindful of what we are thinking.beliefs and how they are effecting our lives. Again, religionists put it all on their own ideas of 'God' ...while the others seem inclined to approve of the motto: "Shit happens..."

Of course, most know that we should live a 'good and sensible life and make good choices. They also know that we have 'choices' as to our reactions to these things that 'seem' to happen out of the blue'...Too often, however, all of us tend to stop there. (Some, of course, have put on the brakes!) One day, Voila!-- the Light flashes!--and we are able to put 2 and 2 together...and after that-- we realize that being "MINDFUL" of our thinking is a not only a choice but a 'must'.

I never said 'seeing this flash of Light' made it easy! No, it takes determination, practice...and persistence.

Some handy dandy little 'helpers' along the way are 1) Intent, and 2) affirmations.

Clear intentions and positive affirmations only work 'if we really mean it.' I should also add 3) imagination. There is a reason that Einstein said "Imagination is more powerful than knowledge." It's impossible to 'think' without triggering the imagination. Try it sometime if you don't believe it! Nerd You always see the 'video' along with the 'audio of the mind.'

As Abraham stresses over and over again "A belief is only a thought you keep thinking." A belief does NOT have to be a 'permanent thing' cemented into our minds...we have to keep re-cementing it for it to stay there!

We know that FOCUS and ATTENTION are the most effective 'tools' for 'getting more of' whatever it is that you want (or don't want!)

Giving persistent focus and attention to what has already been manifested-- poor health, poverty, relationship problems, etc etc etc -- gives those unwanted problems so much POWER that to solve or cure them can be like a continuous uphill battle. I'm not saying absolutely 'no action' is required... but it will all be a struggle and uphill battle if one thinks that "that is where all the answers lie." Sadly, our society rewards those who 'really struggle and work hard and martyr themselves.' That type of thinking/belief is one of the biggest obstacles to expanding our consciousness. It is the absolute EPITOME of "Facing Reality!" Also, sad to say, if whatever the problem seems to be is not recognized on a spiritual level (and there are any number of ways to do that) it will only reappear (perhaps in a different form)... Hence the aphorism: "What you resist, persists."

Important: I am not implying that 'Spiritual recognition of a problem' means 'seeing' that you are being 'punished and must repent and then your problems will magically disappear. Neither do I mean that you 'have to put up with it' because 'God did it to me for my own good' and 'its not mine to question.' However, if this is what 'works' for some people... I fully recognize it is their perfect right ... but that particular belief system doesn't make it 'right' or the 'one true way' for everyone!! Learning to Let It Be when it comes to ideas and beliefs that seem polar opposite of ours is extremely necessary for our own peace of mind.

A Far Eastern line of thinking teaches us that Thoughts Are Things. In order to be able to work with our thoughts its important to think of them as 'potentially creative tools' that have equal possibility for being what we call 'good' or 'bad.' There is NO such thing as total control over one's thoughts. This is why Buddhism refers to our minds as the monkey-minds with thoughts that are bouncing off one wall, hitting another, swinging here and swinging there. But they CAN be tamed, corraled, and tended to.

When we empower certain thoughts by 1) replaying/repeating them over and over, 2) by focusing on them, "believing" in them and 3) giving our constant attention to them -- they will manifest for us in the physical...THAT is the Law of Attraction. THAT is "It is done unto you according to your beliefs."

I have always been grateful to Seth for teaching us that we all have 'conflicting beliefs'...and that this is 'normal'.. You know what I am talking about. You believe something -- and yet -- you have your doubts. Which ever 'side' you attach the stronger emotion to -- that is the one that will manifest in your life. I've also always appreciated what the Pleiadians told us about 'emotions.' They provide the 'rocket fuel' that propels our beliefs into manifestation. Those little monkey-mind thoughts that we give little heed (emotion) to...will not necessarily manifest. I like to think of what Pema Chodron suggest we say when these little monkey-mind thoughts keep jumping around in our mind: "Thinking...just thinking" ... Don't scold yourself...just gently dismiss them 00and remember!-- there is "SO MUCH MORE TO ME...than ANY of my thoughts"...even though they are the tools humans are given to Create Their Physical Reality.

Next time: Abraham's 'techniques' for changing and using your thoughts to help you smooth out the bumps on our path, to experience more joy ande peace, and to FEEL GOOD!