Saturday, February 12, 2011

Who are the homeless people?

Why are there homeless? Who makes up the homeless? Why is it we so often lack sympathy for them?
Few people are so ignorant that one hears "Why don't you get a job ?!" To hear that kind of a remark reflects that one is entirely oblivious to what is happening all around well as to themselves.
The majority of all homeless people are veterans. Those who marched off to war to serve 'god and country' -- killing people in foreign countries, destroying their land and property. Most of the veterans who are now living as homeless on the streets paid with their MINDS doing 'the duty' that was required of them. When they returned to the states many had to be continuously drugged up in order to at least partially fit in with the establishment.
The majority of those who join the military do so because it is a JOB... It's a paycheck, one is furnished with housing and health care... although the latter is somewhat of a joke.... ask anyone dependant upon the VA hospital/care systems.
I myself worked in a facility for veterans who could not function on the 'outside'... and they were, in my opinion, guina pigs to see how many psychotropic drugs they could endure... and remain passive and 'not cause trouble....and not die' One man took over 20 different psychotropic drugs per day.
So...until everyone refuses to go to war ... war will continue as a 'necessity' and a mind set... War is also big business and profitable for corporations. Human life is dispensable. It's all OK as long as we salute 'those who serve' and tell them they are deserving of honor because they are serving us and god.... We desperately try believe this. That is the really sad part.
We get angry when 'bums'... or more politcally correct called 'street people'... ask for money. Many DO want drugs, cigarettes, or booze. And naturally, we self-righteously condemn them for that. I've done it. I'm not going to LIE about that ... but there has always been something inside me that 'knows better' ... Denver has many shelters and many places to get 'free foods/meals.' We figure that's all they need.
The next largest group -- although it blends right in with the first group -- are the mentally ill. These are the ones that are not just dysfunctional in so far as inability to hold down a job -- but are brain damaged from trauma, or from drugs (legal or illegal) or from situations that caused them to shut down mentally. War will do that. (oh gee... did I forget??? Its all those bad terrorists fault...we have no choice but to go to war...) This group seldom has access to any kind of consistant medical/mental health assistance and are simply turned loose on the street.
The third and smallest group are made up of teens and youth... "Well, if they would just have listened to their parents!" ... many of them did. That's why they left home. They are a sub culture of their own. Many are into drugs... some are not. there stories are sad. Its a matter of survival.
These three groups make up over 90% of all the 'homeless" in our country. The rest are the ones that, for personal reasons, are 'drop outs' because they cannot deal with the games the establishment plays. Some may have 'good reasons'... but we tend to say NONE have good reason... and we refuse to show any mercy.
For a so called Christian nation, many have little sympathy, empathy, understanding, or tolerance of the homeless. Some people are totally callous -- not yet being enlightened to the fact that We ARE All ONE... It doesn't mean we can 'save' others...but it is a matter of one's own Inner Feelings -- especially feelings of compassion...AND...Non-Judgement.
There are some who through tragic reasons become homeless --including families-- and have no where to go. Usually these people receive help. Although the help afforded to illegals in this country is FAR greater and speedier. (not THEIR fault... this is just the way our government operates.)
I am not discounting the people who, following their own decisions and heart, do what they can and feel they must do to help alleviate the suffering of others. The person we are ACTUALLY serving ... is OURSELF. There is something to the old stand-by: What goes around, comes around.
You'll decide inbetween lives what you need to experience, learn, and even enjoy. This is not about 'punishment' or 'threats' ... just a way of our learning what best connects us to Source/God/our Higher Selves, etc..and truly Feeling GOOD.
I think much of our cruel-feeling reactions towards the homeless is fear based. Is there anything we would want to experience LESS than what they are going through? It's doubtful.
If I give a dollar to a beggar ... I should not care WHAT he/she does with it. If you want that dollar held accountable...its probably best I don't give anything. Many 'resentful givers' are not happy about what they 'pay themselves' -- getting very little satisfaction out of their purchases even though they THOUGHT it would make them happy.
From a metaphysical viewpoint: When Jesus said "Whatever you have done for the least of these, my brethern, you have done it unto me". ... he was talking about honoring our OWN Christ Source within, our OWN InnerSelf... that which brings us true joy ... which is never accomplished by 'dutiful giving' to either others ...or oneself.
So the next time a homeless person approaches us asking for spare change ... we should perhaps take pause and momentarily dispense with judgment...and at least answer the person with respect. Perhaps inwardly blessing him or her, and wishing them well... and if we DO give out that dollar ... know that we are doing it to honor the Source within US ... What I am saying applies to ME, too... because too often I have forgotten... and I have to remind myself --ask myself "Why did this person come to ME? What am I to learn here?" You know...that good ol' Law of Attraction!