Sunday, January 2, 2011

What Happens in the New Year is Up to Us

We CAN make it a good New Year...if...we BELIEVE we can.
Many of you are acquainted with the term The Shift... as it applies to the Year 2012. That is the time the planets will all be aligned with the Galactic Center. It implies great change is in store for us. It is an 'opportuned time' for us. I believe that. But what is in store for us is up to us--each individual one of us.
Nothing will be imposed upon us that we do not somehow, in some way, consciously or unconsciously, agree to.
People who do not believe that they Create Their Own Reality do not believe that. They choose to believe they are 'victims'...or in more lofty sounding terms "survivors' of what happens to them.
Lately, it has become so glaringly obvious to me, that so many people are so mind-controlled, programmed, and hypnotized -- and therefore remain in a powerless state of being. However, I also see and am acquainted with people who have chosen to claim their empowerment and depart from the Blame Camp. When we start remembering Who We Really Are... and have, in many different ways, become Aware and Awakened to the "I AM" within ... it is then that we self-realize that we are continuously presented with CHOICES about what we DO and how we REACT to circumstances that we have co-created.
The Shift, I believe, is all individual. It will always be a Choice.
I love the humor of the teacher Abraham: "One of your main problems, dear people, is that you too often choose to face reality"... That is not 'living in the Now'...but continuously pointing backward and keeping the past fixed and in place -- in our present moment. So we continually get more of the same.
Several times during the past few days I have come across quotes that are similar in their message: One has to be willing to let go of all beliefs that are not serving us well. Sometimes this requires radical new thinking...especially when it requires abandoning the type of 'realistic thinking' that keeps us stuck in the past.
We all want 'good things to happen' to us...but we tend to act like our own thinking and belief systems have nothing to do with it. Nerd (which has everything to do with realistic thinking.)
Those who are familiar with Quantum physics KNOW that two things are crucial to outcome: 1) observation...and 2)expectation. If we put strong belief in what we 'see' will stay in place.
Seth said: "You get what you concentrate upon and give your attention to." So, for many of us, what is needed is what we might think of as 'frivolous' :Pollyanna thinking! (Or believing in Unicorns!) Thing is -- most of us know it works....unless one has the countering belief: "oh well, something will probably go wrong to ruin it." As Jesus, Buddha and a host of others have said: "It IS done unto you according to your beliefs." We are trained to resort to Blame. Blaming anyone or anything that exists outside of ourselves.
Giving up Blame is the Name of the Game.Even when it defies 'logic and reason.'
Which means: We must stop blaming society, politicians, government, religion, Monsanto, neighbors and enemies, the NEWS and media, and actually ALLOW others to have what we think of as their totally screwed up opinions!
Whatever does NOT make us happy or promote feelings of peace and well being, we need to be willing to Let Go of... This includes our 'reactions.'
And if 'whatever' DOES make us feel good...we must also make sure that doesn't mean doing things we 'should' do because "God and Society" will then 'approve.' For some, I know, this simply is not thinking 'realistically' enough.
It feels like we are taking a huge RISK when indulging in experiencing incredible FREEDOM -- if we decide to "Follow Our Bliss." It seems many people do not want to let loose the comfort of being told what to d0. They prefer to keep striving to please others.
Remember the first "Matrix" movie? It's a lot like that. When we consciously or quite suddenly DETACH ourselves...step back and ask: what am I doing? what am I saying? how am I reacting and WHY?" ... it can be quite unsettling. We momentarily are not in the group of Sheeple ( a David Icke term) anymore...BUT...we are then quite Aware and Awake. We then become the Thinker behind the Eckhart Tolle says.
I do not believe everyone will experience "A Shift" during this period of time. I'm not even saying its Right or Wrong not to do so. But if we want to expand, move ahead, and enact more of our own god-spirit empowerment, then, as the P's tell us: "You need to own your own mind!"
For the ones who choose not to... every New Year will be pretty much the same. Perhaps for lifetimes. I personally want to experience more connection to Source, more Joy and Self-Empowerment... and that will be up to me. Not to some misconceived idea of 'what will happen in the New Year.' It really IS up to us. I know I have my work cut out for me!