Sunday, May 16, 2010

"The Worst Thing You Can Do is Face The Facts"

My daughter said to me the other day: "The worst thing a person can do is face facts." Some of you will know exactly what she meant. Some people align the words 'absolute truth' with 'fact.' Truth, however, as we know, is relative. Facts are merely observances that hang around from some past creation/ manifestation ...and will hold themselves in place until it is decided to give one's attention elsewhere.
Facts are fixed ideas that one is expected to aceept without questioning. Facts are the polar opposite of creativity. Facts have no life-movement and are firmly rooted in 'the past.' I've often asked you to at least temporarily dispense with ideas of 'right or wrong'... and just go with the flow here. Once again, just give it a try....
Seth originated the saying: "The Point of Power Is In the Present Moment." It's concept, however, is eternal. The seemingly elusive Present / NOW is always new, always available, always fresh and current. Holding onto the Past sufferings of any kind or fantasizing about the Future can be extremely disempowering. Our connection with Source/God/Spirit is always in The Now...waiting and available for us to FEEL and experience it when we are willing to Let Go Of what we call those cold, hard, unforgiving 'facts'... When have you ever know "Lest We Forget" to ever stop a war...or any kind of inhumanity to man? It never has. Ever.
This isn't Fluff Talk. It's the Immutable Law of Attraction...Source...The Universe. It's also the basis of the Freedom of Our Souls as Creators.
Perhaps, in a way, it is so simple..that it's hard to catch on to. Flowers
We are SO submersed in illusions and delusions and day to day dramas that we have managed to create the grandest game of Hide and Seek possible. There were times I've said, "Oh yeah, I know, I've got to live in the here now...and all that stuff." During some of those times I was only blowing smoke (well intended as I may have been... :) But When I would TRULY realize and utilize the depth of Being Here NOW ... it would be like loosening a death grip from whatever 'present problems' had me all tied up in knots--physical or mental or emotional.
When we finally step back, detach a moment and 'see' how our mind is racing --THAT is The Observer in us. Momentary detachment can give our minds a breather. Our monkey-mind jumps around from here to there, back and forth, up and down. Literally driving us nuts. Like wanting to get away from bad TV programming, sometimes we just need to Step Back...because we are NOT going to stop our thoughts with some imaginary remote control. But we CAN learn to be a more powerful Observer and Director of our thoughts. An UNattainable goal is imagining one can sit around placidly, twiddling one's thumbs "thinking nice thoughts." Aint gonna happen with any regularity. Guaranteed. But we CAN learn to Be Mindful. Flowers
No..the 'REAL YOU' is not YOUR THOUGHTS...I hate to shock you here but YOU do not 'think up thoughts' __All thoughts exist__...ALL...the good, bad, and the ugly...You as a Creator magnetize thoughts to you by what you believe...about yourself... and about everyone and everything else. When one wakes up spiritually -- one realizes it's a CHOICE...(sometimes called Free Will) and as a Creator one comes to realize that what we think, focus upon, and give your attention to --we will materialize. That is called Creating Your Reality. So the idea here, if we truly want to Feel Better About Everything!-- is to: First of all: Ask yourself, "How do I FEEL" (This truly is your First Clue!)--then: learn to Stop, Look, and Listen... "What am I thinking about that is causing the way I feel?" Flowers Thought always, always, always preceeds emotion...Never the reverse.
Here is where "facing the facts' --otherwise known as 'one's own personal version of the truth'-- can bring us SO much misery... emotionally, mentally, and physically... ALL physical dis-eases have spiritual roots. Nothing happens 'out of the blue' that we have not pre-created (put into escrow) by our thoughts, next actions, and triggered events into 'happening.' We are that powerful!!
Let's peek into someone's life. I'll call him Jack. I'm simply using 'he' as a matter or reference. Let's see if you can surmise how Jack creates his day.

Jack wakes up. Reaches for his head. Do I still have that horrible headahce? Probably will come back. Stumbles into bathroom. Damn toothpaste cost me a dollar more. Everything is getting impossible. Barely afford anything. Damn headaches coming back. Oh good! Date with Terry tonight. Smiles. I wonder if Terry will ever want to break up with me? She acted all weird last time. Frowns. What'll I wear? Should have done laundry last night. I don't look good in half the junk that's in my closet. Guess I'll settle for this. Heavy sigh. Headache coming back. Pops some Advil. Probably taking too many of those things. Drat. Promised Jeff I'd meet him for coffee this morning... he's Ok mostly...but I think he's trying to steal my ideas or psych me out...don't completely trust him. Hey...I got that raise! Yay... now they'll probably raise the rent..that's what always happens. Trouble starting car. I need a new car...that will impress everyone...especially Terry... insurance will probably eat me alive. It seems I am always running into some kind of trouble. Listens to music on radio...sudden stop...I bump into the guy ahead of me on 6th Ave! Shit! Money. Trouble. Delay. Job. Anger. The guy was decent enough. Cars are not damaged. JBut! --Now what will happen NEXT....etc etc etc...(All of this in one hour of Jack's life.)
If you are metaphysically can easily see how Jack creates his reality...If you take each thought can readily see what will most likely come to pass for Jack very quickly...or what he is (like Abe says) putting into escrow to manifest in the future. The reason it will come about is:... BELIEF, constant attention, undisturbed focus. It is obvious that one of Jack's core beliefs is "Everything bad happens to me" or "If something good happens, something will come along to spoil it." Note the word "always" ... a true 'belief barometer.'
Jack might well create something that will 'turn him around'...but it will ALWAYS be Jack's choice on a spiritual level... One can't expect cymbals clashing, harps sounding, lights flashing...and Jack exclaiming: "I have seen the Light!" (hey...that's the Blues Brothers line!)
We Awaken in many different ways... Sometimes it comes with a KaPOW!!--other times it seems like an uphill climb after figuring out 'something is not working right and has to change'... There is NO such thing as "Dumb luck" anymore than "Shit happens" ... it is all created... consciously or UNconsciously...
How to turn things around? It takes practice. =Lots of it.
I'm walking along to the coffee shop. "Geraldo" will probably be there running his mouth. Crap. Scowl....I now feel suddenly down. No wait... I DO want to Feel Good. ( will) Oh well, it will all be OK. Sometimes he's not so bad...and so WHAT... its really all OK...No big deal...look at that gorgeous tree, I just smiled at somebody and they smiled back....Oh oh--starting to feel a little 'iffy' again ... OK, Betty...what DO you WANT?? I do want to Feel Good and enjoy myself... Let it go...all is really OK...It is NOW...right now...and in this very NOW all is well... Forget the past and don't imagine 'bad futures'...its Now...only Now...
Overly simplified. Not really. Nothing flashy..Just constant self-reminding. Buddhists call it Mindfulness. So what if we stumble and fall and goof up!?...we start over again! a brand new Now... Always...Always... AND...if we adopt the motto: "I am always in the right place at the right time, saying and doing the right thing..." it is amazing how the Universe will conspire to assure us that is what will be some way...come what may... Life IS good. If we want to see it that way. Flowers

Prayer Namaste'

Photo by Lori Parker-Gurule'