Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Arizona mess...The Earth...Politics and Personal Beliefs

A friend posted this to Facebook... "To all the IMMIGRANTS out there, LEGAL and OTHERWISE. It's time you learn to speak the NATIVE LANGUAGE. I'm here to help you with a few key words and phrases to get you started. Ready? Super!
HAU=Hello (Lakota) AGI'A=Eat (Cherokee) AHIYA'A=Leave (Cherokee) ISTE CE=Ashamed (Lakota) Emasehanee'e=He is crazy (Cheyenne) Ehaveseva'e-It is bad (Cheyenne)
Soon you'll be speaking like you were before WE were here!" Flower
I was adopted as an infant. When I learned of my Cherokee-Osage-English-Irish ethnic heritage, I passed the info onto my children. My daughter made a funny...but wise..observation: "Well, that's a fine how do you do!" she said, "we came over here and took the land away from ourselves."
Native "Americans" know, however, that we do not own the Earth. We inhabit it, but IT provides for US... It is our Mother.
The mess (best word I can think of...) in Arizona is but another diversion perpetrated by TPTB (The Powers That Be) to promote prejudice, separation, and enmity between the inhabitants of Earth. Flower
If you haven't caught my 'quirky side' before this... I will just simply tell you that I am not "patriotic"... I do not claim 'allegiance' to ANY country...Now, to some, this might make me seem like some kind of ungodly, ungrateful, potential terrorist... but I know there are those of you who DO understand and do not buy into this kind of programmed-response mind set. What's even nicer!--you own your minds... Flower
I dislike any kind of politics and am an anarchist at heart. Very few people are willing to accept the true and original meaning of anarchy... Most have a very corrupt and distorted concept of what I define simply as 'self rule.' Sovereignty. Not do-able, you think? It's a matter of opinion. Organized religion has distorted our minds to the degree that it's hard to accept (and remember!)_ that we have a right to think for ourselves. Quite a number refuse to recognize how programmed and mind-controlled we truly are... It IS a very scary thought... but once faced, it can be the beginning of true inner freedom. Many refuse to question our systems of government, religion, the media, and education (the world over)...because they represent those irreproachable Sacred Icons we dare not challenge for fear of how it might look to others and threaten out general acceptance in mainstream society.. Flower
It's easier, however, just to 'be good and do what you are told." Right? Not really. Flower
I had a jr high teacher that made all of us students nearly fly out of our seats when he slammed a Bible down on the desk he was standing behind. He said very suddenly and loudly: "America is GOD'S country. God is on OUR side." I remember being taught how ANY other nation in the world was inferior to the good ol' USofA... And... the Church reinforced in us that we must be thankful to God for allowing us to come to--or be born in--God's country. This air of superiority, supremacy, and better-than-ness still lingers in the hearts and minds of a goodly percentage of fair citizenry. We may not physically enact 'ethnic cleansing' in the same way that Germany, Rwanda, and some other countries have done...but mentally, psychically, and psychologically, --far too many practice a type of 'ethnic cleansing' which is entrenched in their belief system and consequently spills over into our society. Flower
One might say the first Americans entered this country 'illegally.' However, "God" led them here-- and they 'had no choice' but to kill all those godless 'savages' in order to stay and protect the land they claimed they now 'owned.' Being prompted by a 'Christian spirit'...we generously 'allowed' them to have "reservations." I'm not saying that those early American illegals were all "bad" ...Of course more than all the illegals now living in America are "bad"... People are people are people. I only wish that more Americans were able to see that the TPTB have not only allowed...but promoted this 'illegal immigration' ... Let's not foolishly make this into a Republican / Democrat thing. That's another grand scheme that promotes separatism. Flower
How many of you can say that you have personally suffered by all the 'illegals' in this country. Are 'they' to blame...or should we take a look at the CEOs, corporate giants, any-size business owners who are making a huge profit by employing low paying illegal workers who will take any difficult job and not be fairly order to simply survive? Flower
Who are those secretive Powers That Be --that control even the corporate giants? Who knows for sure! Personally I believe it's the Bielderberg Group (and the other Ruling Houses)...but, in "reality" they, too, are merely the visible figure heads representing the Dark Side in ALL of us... We ARE all One. _We_ create the Bad Guys with our ignorance, fear, and unquestioning obedience to what we are told is irrefutable "law." When we, individually, are willing to Let Go Of our prejudices and the fear it springs from ...and are willing to allow Love and understanding to fill our hearts and minds...we as individuals, will manifest and witness that same Love in our OWN lives... This Love cannot be granted by any country or religion... but by the God Source within us all. Too idealistic, you say? I don't think so. Not 'realistic' enough? Who do you think creates your reality?? Flower
There are SO many small happenings and events the world over... that ARE wonderful!-- manifesting great change and improvement...They seldom are, however, exposed in the highly controlled media called 'the news.'
These good events and happenings are drawn into our lives according to our chosen belief that they ARE taking place. So much good DOES exist. It depends upon our focus and attention as to what manifests for us in our own personal lives -- even in the midst of mass conscious events which one may falsely believe HAS TO appear to -- and 'effect all of us.' Not so. Flower
I had a hard time understanding or even believing the great teachers who said...more than anything are afraid of your own power. But the Light is seeping in. Its difficult to remove oneself from the idea of power as equated to control, violence, laws, and Authorities of all kinds ... but choose, instead, to allow ourselves to realize that the Power of Love and Allowing...without judgment and outward the greatest power of all... when we are connected to the Source of Love...the Source itself. Perhaps we need to examine our beliefs very closely when it comes to our reaction as to what is happening in Arizona...