Sunday, February 28, 2010

If We Truly Want to Be Free...then there is no room for blame...

The following quote is from Seth, recorded from one of the early ESP class session, on Sept 2nd, 1969.
This is the heart of metaphysics...learning that All That Is...the Universe...what some call that power that resides in each and every one of us. We are here to discover that and to learn how to use it... YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY are the words that are literally the keys to the kingdom. There is NO room for blame...until we learn to accept responsibility for ALL we create...we will return many times...until we 'catch on.' This quote of Seth's is NOT meant to be a 'scolding' but a way to reach us so that we become aware of the Power that is within us...
"I have told you time and time again...and I tell you all form your own reality. You form the world that you know and your form your own images. There is no justification for violence. Now, the words sound simple...none of you has fully accepted them except as they apply to others. You must apply them to yourself. You must look within yourself and then apply these truths and learn from them. They are not 'theoretical ideas'...they are realities.
Do you know what freedom is? Freedom is the inner realization that you are an individual. That you DO create your reality, that you Do have the freedom and the joy and the responsibility of forming the physical reality in which you live. Then you change the reality. Then you are free to move. They you are free to misplace violence and you are free from it. you are not free when you say: 'The idea works for everyone but me...because my symptoms are caused by something else.' And when I am violent, different rules apply. Everyone forms their own physical reality but not reality is caused by heredity or environment. Every other nation, every other people form their own violence and is responsible for their own miserable condition, but my people. THEY are right! Any problems that they have are caused by other agencies beyond them.' (when you say this...) you are not facing yourselves individually OR as a people.
You are meant to look at your physical compare it against what you want and what is good...and change the inner self accordingly. Any evils in the world are symptoms of your OWN inner disorders and are meant to lead you to cure them.
There is a beauty and a strength and a joy in looking within yourselves and a freedom from bondage. And I hope that when I am finished with you all, you will taste some of that joy and freedom! You will not get it from a book. You will not get it like your chocolates (indicating the box on the table) wrapped up in a merry box. You will not get it by making exceptions. You will not get it by saying: "I am the exception to the rule!" You will not get it by running away from yourself. You WILL find this joy and this freedom by learning to look inward and by realizing that you create the reality that you know.
There are no exceptions to this rule. Your successes and your failures alike, you have yourselves created. If you would but understand, this is the truth that would make you free.
Now I will say this over and over again. I will say it simply. ...and I will repeat it time and time again, until you understand intuitively what I mean. And again I will tell you: the energy that is behind and within me now --that same energy is available to all of you and it resides within the selves of which you are composed. You have access to it. It is you who have denied the knowledge and it is you who close your eyes.
Now I speak to you somewhat harshly, and yet all of you know that what I say is true. You must look inward and apply these truths. It does no good to look outward and apply them o others. You must take the first step and take the responsibility for yourself and then you have the freedom to change it. If you do not accept the responsibility, then you do not have the power to change. And the power to change is within you.
I have lived through many reincarnations and faced these problems and I was not free until I realized this basic truth.
I would prefer to be jolly with you. And my invisible and non-existent heart goes out to you in understanding. But this does not mean that you are not doing yourselves a grave disservice...for you are not utilizing what you know. And each of you, in your heart, thinks you are an exception to the rule. And there are NO exceptions to the rule. I was no exception to the rule...and Ruburt (Jane Roberts) is no exception to the rule."