Sunday, February 21, 2010

Looking Ahead.... Looking Behind...and Going Where?

Ram Dass popularized the spiritual adage "Be Here Now." Many of us (I know I was one of them!) mistakenly thought we knew what that phrase meant. Few actually caught on immediately. To truly understand what it means to live be in.. the something that must be learned through experience ... not just intellectualized.
I was watching an Eckhart Tolle video this morning... it came to me, once again, as I was listening to his words, that we spend so much time...maybe most of our time...dwelling in the Past, be it good or bad memories -- Or -- in the Future. When we escape into the future we are usually doing so with fear and trepidation that something might go wrong...or we view it as a place where everything will be just fine and we will, at last, be happy.
Either's either a conscious...or an unconscious attempt to escape. Oh, if I could just go back to the good old days ... soon as I am in that future situation...everything will be fine and dandy and then I can be happy. Then, Future doubts may plague us, also.
Seth said "The Point of Power Is In the Present." Like Ram Dass's "Be Here Now" ... I absorbed this intellectually and felt certain I knew what Seth meant. Well. I didn't. I 'sorta' got it when I read Eckhart Tolle's _The Power of Now_. But I barely glimpsed a deeper understanding.
In_The Nature of Personal Reality_ Seth says: "In each case..the point of power is in the present, and from that moment you choose which you, and which world. The experience of a country is the cumulative result of the choice each individual in it, so as you choose your own circumstances you effect each other person within your country and within your world."
So often we feel powerless, helpless, and --like to admit it or not -- we tend to think like victims.
Claiming to be metaphysical does not immunize us against a victim mentality. WHAT power, we cry!? What is all this Inner Power?...and where the heck is it!?
It's not in the Past -- nor in the Future --although we can direct and focus it there. Power only exists in this very Present Moment...the ever present Now...
It's more than a little challenging to conceive of "Everything Is Happening NOW." We simply apply Time (an idea construct) to sort it all out and keep all events in some kind of mind-related order. That 'order,' however, can be a place --whereby we lose who we REALLY ARE...because of persistantly giving away our Power to the Past or to the Future. Thank you, P's... I have finally grown into more understanding of what you kept telling us: "Remember Who You Really Are!"
Ironically, I used to think 'Be Here Now' as being trapped and not having any fun or genuinely experiencing life. I thought of it somewhat like a constant state of trace meditation ...sort of out of it...not really 'here' at all. I couldn't have been more wrong.
I know that my name is Legion when I say that so often we depend up distraction to stay happy. Keeping our physical bodies and therefore, our minds, so busy by occupying it with 'something' that we don't have to think about what might be troubling us. Our distractions can be anything we become addicted to: television, the internet, always on the move going somewhere, phoning/texting, drugs, alcohol, sports, shopping, etc etc .. NONE of those things are 'bad'...only when done to excess in order to 'lose oneself in one's addiction' to cope or 'feel better.' But that kind of 'feeling better' is not genuine. This is why Abraham keeps telling us to "Make peace with where you are." There is nothing wrong with "getting our mind off of our problems" ... whatever it is troubling us ... as long as our minds don't take over.
Try this...if you would care to. Spend one day....a half day...even just one hour!--how about ten minutes? --observing your mind other words, your thoughts. I guarantee you--it will NOT be easy. The harder it is, however, shows you how much in control your mind is...rather than you being in control of IT --your being the one using your mind like the tool it is to your best advantage.
Those of you who meditate are pretty much aware of what Buddhists call "the monkey-mind'... as it darts here and there, back and forth, up and down, going every which way. In time you CAN learn to detach much more often. Your learn to become The Observer of those thoughts and see which tend to persist and plague you... You know your thoughts are not The Real You. You've had to learn not to judge...just to detach...Let Go...and know the meaning of "Be Still and Know That I AM God".... When we realize that we and Spirit ARE ONE...we begin reclaiming our Inner Power. It all takes time, practice, and yes, effort!--to create our reality the way the best for us and keeps us most joyful. With this New Energy as tough and discerning as it is --(and it will be getting stronger) we better be willing to do the work. What kind of world we as individuals will strictly up to us. Individually.
This article is written and directed towards those of you who already know what I am talking about. You already know it takes the right teachers and books and practices to find our what works best for YOU in dealing with your thoughts...and mind. It is only written as a way of encouragement. We know how the New Energy is being so discerning and how easy it is for one's thoughts to materialize.
I truly believe we need to get more serious about our own peace and happiness... and less serious about getting overly involved in what is 'out there.' Slowing down, meditating, following our intuition, following our own self-styled paths that we inwardly know is right for us. I am not purposely trying to sound ominous... but I DO believe things are going to get worse (tougher) before they get better (easier.) Its time for us to really "see" what is going on and step out of the Dark and into the Light of who we really are.
As Seth says: "You get what you concentrate upon...there is no other main rule."
As the Pleiadians told us: "Of all the things that will be the most difficult for you to own in the coming years...will be your mind."
We are ALL programmed and mind-controlled to varying degrees. Those who refuse to agree with this are the most duped of all. I still believe life is wonderful and beautiful and all those good things...but we need to evaluate WHAT we think is wonderful and beautiful...and how it makes us feel in our hearts. As the P's told us: We are meant to be the Watchers. The Observers. To do this, we have to pay attention to our frequencies and vibrations.... What are we energizing? It is Time. And that Time is NOW.