Monday, February 18, 2013

What You SEE IN OTHERS...Exists in YOU... oh yeah??

Most people are familiar with the first three of the above aphorisms and more of less tend to accept them... but we, mayhaps, have a bit of problem accepting the fourth one as reeeeeally being the truth...! It tends to make us wince and frown. I know it does to me once in awhile! :)
Owning that statement is difficult. When we think about all the horrible things that happen in the world; the merciless ways people harm each other, not only in wars but in the areas where we live. When we think about the horrid injustices, we wonder how people can be so insensitive, so inhumane to each other or to animals and to the very Earth itself...we want to say "There is NO WAY "I" could ever do that. Ever, ever, ever! We can't 'see' those things in ourselves. The very thought is too frightening to entertain.
There is an old saying: "Never say never." Very wise words. We ARE capable of anything and everything. This doesn't mean that 'we are bound to do this' or WANT to think, do, or act upon horrendous things.  It simply means that the potential exists within ALL of us. I think we all know this.
I speak from a metaphysical point of view.  However, 'regular religionists' might, quite surprizingly, find comfort or relief in what I have to say. Some people do not like to think of themselves as having "inner power." They would rather think of themselves as being weak, helpless, sinful creatures in constant need of help or 'being saved' from something/someone OUTSIDE of themselves. Regardless if we are willing to acknowledge that Power...that "GOD" Power or not...we still have it in us... used or unused, recognized or not.
To make it simple: We COULD be whoever that 'bad person' is, or do whatever  that 'bad person' does....if we would so choose. But we don't usually CHOOSE to be that 'bad person' -- so what does this mean that "what you see in others exists in you?"
Just this: We all 'know people' (heaven forbid it be US :) who seem to always see the worst  in everyone...they point out all their faults, they proudly proclaim like the Pharisee in the N.T. "Thank god I am not like that loser!" (slightly paraphrasedThe people that criticize and judge so harshly  seem to exist for the purpose of providing the contrast between "me" and "them.!!" More seriously, Do you notice these people never really seem to be 'carefree' -- let alone happy and content? They never really seem to Feel Good! (And when we judge THEM, we don't feel so good either!!)
Herein is the secret to 'what you see in others exists in you' ... you know good and well how 'you can be at times' .. and if we hadn't 'Been There Done That' we wouldn't even recognize it as such.  We all know that some of our thoughts and maybe a few of our actions can (as the horrible saying goes) "Shame the Gates of Hell." (admit if or not...:) We can recognize only that which we are capable of ourselves. As Seth once told us: "in all of your many lifetimes, you have done it all." Themes and variations maybe...but no one is exempt.  So that should take a bit of the shine off our halos, eh??
We naturally have a right to our 'opinions,' but I believe we know when we cross that line from opinion to cold, harsh judgment. We have a right to express our opinions, too; but if we feel secure enough in our own beliefs we don't need to make the 'other side' wrong and 'win the argument'... What 'the other person' is then reflecting back to us is our own insecurity, unsureness, and doubt. Someone once said: you argue to convince yourself... not the other.
Even some of our worst, most awful (and usually kept very secret) sins that WE have committed in Thought, Word, and Deed are the ones we readily 'see' in others. Because either in this life, or another, we have Been There Done That. Even if its only been 'in our hearts and minds/daydreams.' It genuinely pays to be MINDFUL of what we are giving our attention and focus to...because it DOES come back to us....sometimes when we least expect it. That is the immutable Law of Attraction.
We needn't set impossible 'goals' and say "OK! from now on I shall think only goodly thoughts, do wonderful deeds, and in general, try to be all around perfect."'s not gonna happen and that's not 'the way' anyway. It can be as simple as deciding to Take It Easy, be Mindful of what you are FEELING, giving attention to and focusing on... Just Lighten up... Learn how (you already know how) to dismiss thoughts that are making you miserable. Easy does it. We truly do have a lot more control over all this 'business' than we give ourselves credit for. Being less judgmental of others will  result in our being less judgmental of ourselves. That is the most important sentence in this whole article. The Golden Rule is all about that Fourth Aphorism and 'seeing'... think about it. If we are going to wait for everything and everybody else to change to keep us happy...we will be waiting for a loooong, long time...
Let's just detach a little bit more, consciously, from judging others and we will magically begin to SEE that there is GOOD in them, too. Don't over analyze this. You know what I mean. Let's Whistle A Few More Happy Tunes. Just to make us Feel Better!